How To Choose The Perfect Ecommerce Domain Name

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For your online store, the domain name is your brand. A good domain name not only helps in boosting your sales revenue, but also helps with the “word-of-mouth” marketing- the better your domain name is, the more recall value it would add, leading to improved revenue generation. To make sure that you chooses the best domain name for your online business, here are some tips:

Simple Is The Best

Make sure that your domain name is catchy and easy to remember. The more memorable it is, more is the chance that people will remember. Ofcourse, there is no huge requirement that it make sense. Just look for a quirky domain so that your customers don’t have a hard time remembering them.


Be Original

For any brand, the worst part is copying domain/brand name from competitors. This will not only confuse people but you might also end up losing your credibility. Try to be as original as possible.

Get Creative

eCommerce giants like Flipkart, Jabong, etc have no meaning. Still it’s the creativity that has made these names so easy to remember for customers. Try something similar in your unique style.

Optimize For Search Engine

If you want your domain name to appear on search engine results without much effort, then go for a domain name that includes main keyword. A SEO-friendly domain name will surely improve the visibility and credibility of your business.

Your domain name will be your business identification and will stick for years. Therefore, invest a good amount of time and mind when choosing your website’s domain name.

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